What is Tor browser and how it can be improve.

Tor Browser is a modified version of Firefox thatnprotects your identity by directing all your traffic via a network of thousands of volunteers. First developed by the US Navy to protect government communications, it’s incredibly secure – but you don’t have to be an IT expert to use it. When opened, the browser automatically launches the necessary processes to route your traffic through the Tor network. It then further protects your privacy using the NoScript and HTTPS Everywhere add-ons, which block all malicious scripts and ensure encrypted connections are made wherever possible. From Tor Browser’s security settings, you can use the slider to choose a security level that best suits you. In the highest position, Javascript and some fonts, images and HTML-5 elements are blocked to offer maximum protection. Tor can be run as a portable app from a USB memory stick and, like Epic Browser, it deletes all your browsing data as soon as it’s closed.

How it can be improved: Because your traffic is always routed around a network of other computers, Tor Browser is noticeably slower than our Gold Award winner. With no option to save login credentials, it’s also less convenient than Epic Browser.

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